8 Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

From sparking online conversations to maintaining relationships, dotJenna shares 8 important benefits of social media marketing.  Can you think of another benefit to add?  Thanks dotJenna!

Social is about relaxing, building relationships and having a good time. Marketing is about transferring a compelling message to specific people, persuading them to take action. New web technology is not only connecting us, but also connecting activities once compartmentalized. The divide is blurring between social life and the marketplace.

Savvy web marketers package their messages for viral distribution across multi-platforms of mass social media in a friendly, inoffensive way. Properly done, social marketing can impact all of your communication efforts from generating leads and web traffic, to ongoing customer, vendor and employee relations. Never before in the history of the universe has it been so cheap and easy to publish and distribute branded messages to communities of like-minded people. The benefits of this type of marketing for businesses large and small are too great to ignore.

1. Social Media is the most cost effective form of marketing available.

You can publish a kaleidoscope of media to the world for next to nothing, such as original Articles, PDFs, Videos, Webinars, PowerPoint Presentations, Music Videos and even Live Shows with just your computer and an internet connection. You have the power to be a producer, a publisher, a playwright, a song writer, a director, an actor and a writer–all in a days work!

2. Social media helps you reach your target market.

Social media allows you to pinpoint your target market demographics with unsurpassed precision. Want to market to people in real estate? Simple. Amass an audience of real estate agents on FacebookTwitter and real estate websites like TruliaActiveRain and Zillow. If you’re selling baby clothes, you can join forums and social networks that cater to new mothers. Your target market is on the web, bonding with each other on social media sites.

3. Social media marketing feeds traffic to your website.

The more people who come to your website, the more people find out who you are, and the more they choose to use you or buy from you when the time is right. Social media activity brings eyeballs not only to you personally, but also to your website and blog and other social profiles. This traffic, focused on you will reap rewards in terms of branding for name recognition and ultimately increase sales.

4. Social media increases your website rankings.

When your website is on top of Google or Yahoo, you will see an increase in sales because people who need you can find you. Search engine optimization, the process of getting to the top of search engines is highly effected by social media activity in three ways: 1. Your website gets more hits, which makes it appear more popular to Google algorithms and boosts your site; 2. Social media activity creates links that increase the page rank of your site, causing better rankings. 3. Social media activity, like that on Twitter and ActiveRain can show up in search rankings on its own, thereby increasing the opportunity for people to find you and call you.

5. Social media helps you to bond and impact your target market.

It’s a fact: People do business with those they know and like. Effective use of social media marketing will help you to bond with everyone, not the least of which includes your prospects and existing clients. It’s like marketing to individuals in your target market one-on-one and day-to-day. You get to know one another, and become familiar. When you finally meet your audience members in person, they love you, they hug you and develop loyal feelings for you and your company. A social media lead brings the same benefits as the word-of-mouth referral, only better because the people know you and understand you.

6. Social media provides a viral marketing component to spread your message.

Proper use of social media can help to spread the message of your brand far and wide, beyond your original efforts through the viral capabilities of sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Using the tagging and sharing methods in Facebook, you and your readers can spread your message to their friends and their friends’ friends. The hashtag phenomenon in Twitter can help people to find whatever you’re talking about and spread it to their friends, in what is considered the “domino effect.” When you market on social media, you’re not just sending your message, but also spreading it.

7. Social marketing helps spark online conversations about your brand.

If your presence is strong online, your business will eventually reach the “tipping point” of notoriety where you are being talked about through social networks, even when you’re not around to initiate the conversation. This process can be a scary one, especially if you’re not keen to social media marketing, but those who embrace it and take measures to prevent backfire can use the “ground swell” of publicity to their advantage.

8. Social media marketing helps you to maintain relationships.

Social media helps you not only communicate with your target market, but also with existing clients from around the world. This level of openness with your clients helps feed the relationship and keep it going strong. You are able to offer products and services to your existing client base, a group of people who are already sold on you. You can also track prospects for years before they make a purchase, when what you’re selling has a long sales cycle.

There you have it. My 8 Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses. If you can think of any more benefits, please comment below. If you would like assistance in getting your brand online through social media marketing, please call me. I’m dotJenna and I’m here for you. 866-697-7638.



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