4 Ways Real Estate Agents Fail at Social Media

Thank you, Melissa Fach, owner of SEOAware, LLC, for your advice and guidance on the use of social media for business purposes.  How can you improve your online social media presence?

real estate agents social media

Everyone has been told to jump into social because it is so good for their business. I know for a fact that Realtors hear it all the time. Sadly, many people don’t really know how to use social effectively and they don’t understand what drives different social platforms.

The people I see wasting their time, and money, the most on social is Realtors. I am not claiming all Realtors don’t know what they are doing; I am just saying the majority don’t and I am going to tell you why.



One thought on “4 Ways Real Estate Agents Fail at Social Media

  1. Thank you, for such an informative post. I am going to share this with a friend who is a realtor, and I am sure that she will sincerely appreciate all of this information. She mentioned to me that her organization recently had a speaker make a presentation to their group of realtors, about how to maximize the role of social media within real estate, but that she walked away from the presentation feeling more confused than enlightened! Thank you, for passing on the great tips, and keep up the great work! Metta, Duane

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