Sustainable Communities in Austin

Introducing Sol: A vibrant, sustainable communityWelcome to a community of Modern homes with open floor plans, high ceilings with windows that provide plenty of dynamic natural lighting, and private outdoor spaces integrated into the architecture of the homes.

SOL is a holistic approach to sustainable development. Through a comprehensive systems approach to building technology and good passive design, these homes are rated 4 to 5 Star by the Austin Energy Green Building Program. The homes are 100% electric and capable of achieving Net Zero* energy – meaning they can produce as much energy as they consume.

Located just 3 miles East of downtown Austin, SOL has a large community green space as well as garden areas. There are many biking, running and walking friendly roadways. It’s also a short walk to Govalle Park and a nice bike ride to Lady Bird Lake (Town Lake).

Homes range from 1000 to 1800 square foot and prices start at $190,000.

*Net Zero projections are based on assumed usage patterns. Energy consumption will very from household to household; therefore it is incumbent upon the homeowner to be conscientious of their personal use.


One thought on “Sustainable Communities in Austin

  1. That’s interesting. Green is great. In my house, we are talking about conserving energy and water everyday. Those are the 2 things I believe a lot in. Incorporating that into a home sounds wonderful. The floor plans looked pretty good as well. I wish the project very best.

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