Realtors do more than just help you buy or sell your house!

Does your realtor know all of the details of your home?  Is it located in an historic district?  A realtor is an advisor who shares knowledge of the area that you may not know about.  Check out this realtor’s knowledge!

Feel free to share your stories of how a realtor has shared some insider knowledge to your benefit.   Thank you, Melina Tomson, for this information!


3 thoughts on “Realtors do more than just help you buy or sell your house!

  1. I think the part of the article that really jumped out at me was the thought that real estate agents are going the way of travel agents and will eventually be no more. I don’t know that I would ever buy a house without an agent. My husband and I recently bought our first home and I don’t know that I would have ever thought of some of the questions to ask about the house or different things I should notice about the house, and how some of my concerns about a house were really no big deal and easily fixed. Our agent was amazing and really helped us figure a lot of what we thought we did or did not want to make sure we found the perfect house for us. I hope they never go away!

  2. This is soo true! We as potential buyers have access to so many websites and information on a home, that realtors can’t just be agents anymore, they have to be on top of their advising game. I think before we used to rely on them to give us all the information on a home and we would tell them what we were looking for, they would find it for us and show the home. Now, we have access to all that, even find out when a home is having an open house, so now we are doing a lot of what realtors used to do, so now their job has shifted to more of an advisor role. I can relate to this article because I’ve been looking at buying another home and with websites like Austin Home Search, Zillow,, and Trulia, I can set the location, price, and type of house I’m looking for, see pictures, find directions, and check out the house all before even contacting my agent to show it. In fact that’s really all we use a realtor for now, is to open the door to the house, negotiating the price, and giving us the background information of the house.

  3. One realtor’s advise when we were house-hunting was never to ask the builder for some upgrade/change however minor it is. He said, just talk to the construction worker or find a local handyman and it’s done at a fraction of what the builder charges you. Simple tip but that saved us a great deal of money when we later bought the house 🙂

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